Advice for 6th Years (Christmas 2016)

The Christmas holiday period provides the opportunity to take stock of your progress at this point in the year.  It is really important to take on board the advice and comments documented in your report by subject teachers.  Is it the case that the levels that you intend taking subjects should be reviewed or is their a specific section of a course that could benefit from detailed revision in the week prior to school commencing?

In relation to study it would be useful to devise a detailed study plan for the weeks running up to the mock exams.  A fresh look at your notes and the booklet you received during the half-day workshop on study skills back in September could provide a useful starting point in drafting your revision timetable. 

Finally Identifying additional courses that could be added to your existing CAO list will help provide a positive focus in the busy weeks ahead. ~

Useful Resources

  • (copies of marking schemes and exam papers can be downloaded.
  • (the link to the exam centre on this site gives very useful sample answers across a broad range of subjects)
  • (database of all courses available in Ireland – details of points, specific subjects requirements for entry, breakdown of the course and modules taught can be viewed and checked) 

(Mr Alan Norton, Guidance Counsellor, December 2016)

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