Guidance and Counselling

Guidance Counsellor: Mr Norton

Pupils (or parents) may make direct personal contact with the school guidance counsellor at all times.  Complete confidentiality is stressed in relation to all consultations.

The careers office holds a comprehensive collection of careers literature and university and college prospectuses. Our computerised facilities assist senior pupils to access the data necessary for career exploration.  Trained staff, led by the career guidance counsellor, are on hand to advise pupils in fourth, fifth and sixth forms on career and further education options.  Pupils are encouraged to experience for themselves different types of employment.

The career guidance programme includes differential aptitude tests, interest inventories and vocational guidance interviews identify individual pupil’s special talents.  Close attention is given to the Irish universities and Institutes of Technology (the CAO System) and to candidates who may seek entry to the universities and colleges in the UK (the UCAS System).  Special attention is given to meeting the needs of overseas students attending the school for limited periods of time so that, wherever possible, their education may be seamless.

Policy on Guidance vers Jan reformat June 2011

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