What would my child study?

The School is a five-day, co-educational boarding and day-school which offers a wide ranging curriculum.   For Leaving Certificate, students can choose from a list of 20 subject options. An average class size of around twenty pupils allows teachers to give focused attention to individuals.  In practice nearly every one of the school’s students carries on to study at third level.

Students in HE

Students in HE

We do all we can to assist new pupils to find their feet.  All are encouraged to visit the school on a number of ocassions prior to entry.  A special induction programme is in operation for first-year pupils.  This programme begins with assessment in the March prior to entry when meetings take place with the teachers directly involved.  The first day of autumn term is set aside for first-year pupils when they and their parents participate in an induction programme.  A full report is made at autumn half-term detailing the pupil’s progress in the academic, extra-curricular, sporting, disciplinary and personal spheres.

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