The Structure of our Rugby Season at DGS

At the beginning of the school year both Junior and Senior Teams are entered into the respective Cup competitions. If successful in reaching the Development Cup Final stage, teams automatically qualify for the Duff and Vinnie Murray Cup (Section A) Competitions. The school has enjoyed successes at both Development and Section A stages.

Recently the DGS Junior Squad also advanced to the latter stages of their respective competitions including the final of the Fr. Godfrey Cup and qualification to the Frist Round of the Leinster Schools Junior Cup Competition, competing against the more traditional names in Leinster Schools Rugby.

Our first year students participate in weekly training and enter local school blitz events organised by the Leinster Schools Youth Development Officer. Many of our students play for local clubs in the region and this adds great strength and depth to our school squads.

In December 2016 DGS was represented by a Senior Ladies in a locally organised match. It is hoped and expected that ladies rugby will continue to grow in the school.

Rugby at DGS is open to everyone, from beginner to the established player. Fun, camaraderie and team spirit is emphasised and developed throughout all our age groups.

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