As a Limited, not for profit, Company, the school is a registered charity controlled by a Board of Governors/Directors which is representative of the main Protestant denominations. 

The members of the Board of Governors are; 

Mr Graeme Treadwell (Chairperson), Mr Robert Smyth (Deputy Chairperson and Secretary), Mr Charles Treadwell,  Mr Tristan Swan, Ms Julie Carr and Mr Philip Keegan. 

The Board of Governors is complemented by a Board of Management representative of Governors, teachers and parents.  

Mr Philip Keegan is Chairperson of the Board of Management.


Back row (Left to right):
Mr Charles Treadwell, Ms Patricia McKeague, Mr Robert Smyth and Mr Graeme Treadwell.
Front row (Left to right):
Mr Philip Keegan, Ms Alison Bothwell and Dr Laurence Swan.

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