World Ocean Day won’t save the fish

Below is a letter that appeared in the Irish Examiner recently in relation to World Ocean Day written by Ruby Moss in 1 Blue.

World Ocean Day won’t save the fish
What is the point of World Ocean Day?
If people care about the oceans, we must stop treating the fishes as a commodity, and stop hunting them and destroying their ecosystems.
No amount of #worldoceanday memes will make a difference unless we leave sea creatures alone.
I have an awful vision of teams of people out doing litter picks at seasides and then celebrating by buying takeaway almost-extinct fish and chips in a polystyrene carton and feeling good about how they are helping ocean conservation because the internet memes and media tell them they are doing what’s right. But it’s not right.
Maybe one day we will stop trying to salve our consciences with a sometime-in-the-future-we-will-conserve-a-small-percentage-of-the-ocean goal and start making real changes today. We don’t have time and nor do the fishes.
Ruby, age 13

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