DGS Wellness Wednesday ‘Apart but Together’

‘Apart but Together’
Wednesday the 10th of February is a day when we close our books, open our minds, and look after our wellbeing together.
Each Form Class will take on challenges in an effort to accumulate as many points as possible.
Challenges are worth a varying amount of points, so choose wisely, there won’t be time to complete them all.
The winning Form Class will have a pizza party on the house!

The top 3 most outstanding entries will receive a prize

Remember – This is a school event; all submission must be respectful and appropriate.


Bonus points will be awarded for high quality entries
Challenges should be completed, and entries must be received by 12.30pm.
All footage / proof should be sent to the Form Teacher
only via the Form Class Teams chat







  1. 5km Run
    (send a screenshot of your workout summary from your device) – 25 points
    per entry
  2. Steps Challenge (Send a screenshot of your steps from your device)
           5,000 steps – 5 points per entry
         10,000 steps – 10 points per entry

  3. Alphabet challenge
    Find objects in your house that resemble letters from the alphabet – 45 points

  4. Create or recite a limerick (audio recording)– 10 points per entry
         Example Limerick: https://examples.yourdictionary.com/limerick-examples.html
  5. Form Class Jerusalema Dance (minimum 8 students) – 50 points 
  6. Snowman challenge (weather permitting) – 50 points per entry
  7. Photograph challenge
        (Theme – new beginnings, students send in their photos and a collage is created by the challenge co-ordinator, 15 photos minimum) 50 points 
  8. Form class photograph collage
        (for example a photograph of your favourite activity)
    40 points
  9. Create and complete a homemade obstacle course
         with at least 4 obstacles (Send videos to Form Teacher) – 60 points
    per entry 
  10. Lip Sync to a song – Respectable Lyrics only! – 15 points per entry 
  11. Ms O’Reilly’s Riverdance Challenge – 20 points per entry (Scroll down to view the challenge).
  12. Staff baby photos – 5 points per correct answer, a clean sweep is an extra 60 points, if you get them all. (Scroll down to view the challenge).


Good luck to you all,

Mr Graham                 Mr Murphy
Headmaster               Deputy Principal

Challenge 11.
Ms O’Reilly’s Riverdance Challenge
– 20 points per entry

On the 9th February 26 years ago, the first performance of “Riverdance The Show” was staged in the “Point” (now the 3 Arena) in Dublin.
Can you learn and perform 10 seconds of Riverdance?
Watch the video here… are you up to the challenge?
You have completed the challenge, well done!
If you would like to watch the full original performance of the number, here is a link.
To win points for your form class, send your recording to your form teacher.



Challenge 12
Staff baby photos – 5 points per correct answer, a clean sweep is an extra 60 points

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