There were 6 Junior Category project entrants to SciFest 2012.

  • “The Effect of Global Warming on Biodiversity” – David Ndiyo, Luke Ferris, Adam Clarke
  • “The Adaptations of Marine Mammals” – Aaron Goodman, Andrew Heaney
  • “How clean are the school toilets?” – Katy French Davis
  • “Biodiversity in our School” – Aaron Collier, Jack Hand
  • “What make-up is best for sensitive skin?” – Jade Sheehy, Joy Omoruyu
  • “Understanding Wind Energy” – Darragh Fanning

Congratulations to Darragh Fanning who won the Junior ‘Sustainable Energy Ireland’ category for his project examining the efficiency of converting wind energy to electrical energy. This is a very topical issue at the moment when we are looking towards renewable sources of energy as an alternative to fossil fuels to fulfil our ever increasing energy needs.  Ireland is in an optimum geographical position to benefit from wind power. And its utilisation would minimise our dependance on fuel supplies from other countries and also reduce our Carbon Footprint.

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