School Magazine

The 2015 school magazine included a piece (written by Mr Trevor Patterson) covering some of the memories of Ms Jean Douglas covering a span of over 50 years spent as a member of staff in Dundalk Grammar School (see below).

The 2014 school magazine included two written recollections by Mr Marcus Swan (DGS class of 1955).  The first featured his memories of what it was like to be a pupil in DGS in 1954 whilst the second was his tribute to “two very special teachers”, Mrs Maureen McClenahan and Ms Joan Raeburn, who had a formative influence during his time in school.

The 2012 school magazine featured Mr Alan Treadwell recalling his time in school during the 1950s.

The 2011 school magazine featured some reminiscences from Diane Gibson who came with her brother Barrie to DGS in 1948 (See the pages attached below). We are always pleased to receive visits from past pupils and would encourage you to follow Diane and Barrie’s example and capture those memories on paper!

2015 Jean Douglas

2014 Marcus Swan

2013 Alan Treadwell

Memories of 1948 Diane and Barrie Gibson

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