Orienteering March 2022

Over 50 DGS students travelled to Marley Park for round 3 of the Leinster League Orienteering on a glorious sunny day (March 23rd, 2022).

Everyone had a good day, so much so that many competitors stayed out on the course beyond the 45 minute time limit, as conditions were just so pleasant.

The final results showed DGS leading the way in several categories.

Maggie Kerin and Courtney Lawlor were 2nd and 3rd in the 1st Year girls event.

The 1st Year boys continue to dominate, filling the top 8 places, Adam Keane, Aaron O Donahue, and Sean Spaight were the top three. Dorothea Betz and Shayla Hollywood were 1st and 2nd in the girls 2/3rd Year event.

Louis Goodman and Matthew Byrne were the top 2 in the boys 2/3rd Year competition.

Maud Green was 1st TY girl and Corentin Blanchet and Ronan Flanagan were 1 and 2 in the boys race.

Best of the Senior Boys was William Lenox Conyngham.

Results of the over all League standing will be available later and many of the DGS students are in contention for prizes.

The Leinster Champs take place in Djouce Woods on May, 11th.


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