BOARDING PARENTS – Boarding Student Personal Health Declaration

Dear Boarding Parents/Guardians

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break.

Due to the increasing number of covid cases we have made some updates to our covid policy for boarders.  

As a reminder, the Boarding Student Personal Health Declaration Form must be submitted, without fail, on a weekly basis. 

This is to be completed either the day prior to returning to school, or early morning on the day of returning to school before classes commence.

Click on the image below to complete the form.

On this form you will see a question regarding Antigen testing. We are requesting that parents/guardians, in supporting the well-being of our boarders, do an antigen test on your child/children before they return to school.  This is NOT mandatory but just a suggestion to help keep the dorms safe.

As notified before Christmas, your child/children’s dorm is also deemed their household.  If someone was to test positive in school, then this would mean the full dorm that is associated with that student would require a test and their dorm would be sent home while you wait for a PCR test and further guidelines from the HSE due to been close contacts. 

We would also like to remind parents/guardians that taking your child/children out of boarding to attend a social event may affect the dorm/household that they belong to. We are asking you to keep this in mind going forward.  

Finally, it has also come to our attention that many boarders come to school repeatedly without or not enough face masks.

Please ensure that they have enough for the school week. If your child/children have not enough face masks, please contact the school at [email protected] and we can organise a pack for that week.  

Yours sincerely  

Jonathan Graham 


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