Junior School Prize Day 2020

The Junior School Prize Day took place on Friday 13th November in the Junior School.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, it was held virtually. All parents, extended family and children tuned in to our presentation.

Ms Elaine Lait congratulated all the children and staff for their forbearance and resilience during lockdown. She also praised the parents for following the school protocols, guidelines and helping to keep school open. The children and staff were all very pleased to be back at school albeit  the new ‘normal’.

A special welcome was extended to our class of 2020, now 1st years in our senior school.

Ms Lait spoke of our children’s talents and striving for their best. She reiterated the importance of everyone being a winner in their own way.

Ms Lait announced the prize winners, and the awards were presented simultaneously in the classrooms.

Various presentations were awarded over a range of subjects: Mc Govern Cup for Music, Art Prize. Sportsmanship Awards, Class prizes, ICT prizes and Music certificates and medals. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, Speech & Drama exams did not take place. There were also excellence awards for the class of 2020.

Ms Lait thanked Mr Andrew Shekleton for managing and staging the virtual Prize Giving.

Ms Lait finished with a quote from Aristotle: ‘You are what you do!’ It was emphasised how we must all do our best and be happy and content with our achievements.

To see the photographs that were taken on the day click here.

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