NPCPP Survey – Education and Covid19

Dear Principal,

“It is very difficult to type a five-page essay on a Mobile Phone”

The above is a comment received by one of our Directors from a Leaving Certificate Examination student.

The National Parents Council Post Primary are launching a Survey to ascertain what the reality is for all students in post primary education at present.

The survey includes questions on technology and the modes of communication between schools, students and parents.

 The NPCPP trusts that the Survey will reflect the hard work and effort being made by School Management, Teachers, Students and Parents during the present pandemic.

The Survey also deals with other areas of concern that may need to be addressed.

The Survey is published on the NPCPP Website and also available through this link: NPCPP Survey

The NPCPP shall be thankful if you would please kindly share the Survey with all parents so that we can assess the real situation in all areas of Ireland.

Kind regards,

Aideen Nicholson
Administrative Assistant
National Parents Council Post Primary


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