NPCPP – Educational Publishers provide open access to online resources.

19th March 2020:

Members of the Irish Educational Publishers’ Association (IEPA) have taken the unprecedented step to provide open access to all their online educational resources to teachers, parents and students during these uncertain times.

The decision was taken by members in an effort to provide the maximum availability to as many resources for teachers, parents and students while working remotely from the classroom.

Publishers provide online resources which enhance and bring added value to the curriculum both for Primary and Post Primary students and teachers. 

Post Primary teachers and students will now be in a position to access Podcasts, Videos, experiments, presentations among other material.

This resource will allow teachers and students to work independently and also augment their textbooks and eBooks.

Resources for Primary School teachers and students account for more than just eBooks, full teacher resources, games, puzzles and easy to use interactive exercises for younger children used in the classroom,  are now available for parents and children online.

These valuable resources can be accessed online in a matter of minutes by registering on any of the Education publisher’s web site and following the instructions or entering a code that has been provided.

These codes are available through the publishers social media account, on their web site or through schools.




For further information: 

Alan Cantwell General Secretary – 086 8147855 


About the IEPA 

The Irish Educational Publishers’ Association (IEPA) represents nine independent publishing companies, accounting for more than 95% of published educational material in Ireland. The IEPA employs circa 250 people.  

IEPA members have collectively, for many decades provided published materials which have had a profound positive impact on the education of generations of students in Ireland. The IEPA views the use of printed material as a central pillar of education. 


Over the past two decades publishers have moved with the evolution of technology in order to meet the changing demands of teachers and students. The IEPA continues to invest heavily in their online platforms, providing a huge range of interactive material for in-class use and train teachers in the use of the ICT resources that come with the packages.


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