Orienteering Results: Leinster Schools League 3 – Post Primary

Congratulations to our Leinster Orienteering League Champions.

After three rounds, DGS students topped five of the six categories entered with Louis Goodman securing second place in the 1st Yr Boys event.

Winners:  1st Yr Girls- Skye Kasozi
                   2/3rd Yr Girls- Maud Green
                   2/3rd Yr Boys Turlough Downey
                   TY Girls- Sophie Mc Nicholas 
                   TY Boys- Cillian Watterson.



DATE:         Wednesday  22 January 2020

VENUE:      Tymon Park, Tallaght.

In the final event of the Leinster Schools Orienteering League yesterday in Tymon Park, Tallaght, most of the league leaders held their nerve doing enough to claim their league title.  However, one unfortunate missed control by Harry Winston (Dundalk Grammar School) dropped him out of the medals altogether.  Veronica Ogunleye (Wilson’s Hospital School) was just as unfortunate in the very first league event in St. Anne’s Park, Raheny but her excellent runs in Bushy Park, Terenure and yesterday were enough to secure her second place in the league.

Boys:  5th/6th Yr Boys (A), 4.5k – 1 Craig Gillespie (Wilson’s Hospital School) 29:23; 2 Maxim Mulligan (Castleknock CC) 32:35; 3 Ben Kinsella (Castleknock CC) 33:29.  TY Boys (A), 4.5k  –  1 Cillian Watterson (Dundalk Grammar School) 32:33; 2 Noah Savage (Wilson’s Hospital School) 63:27; 3 Killian Carroll (Dundalk Grammar School) 74:12.  2nd/3rd Yr Boys (A), 3.9k – 1 Turlough Dowley (Dundalk Grammar School) 25:31; 2 Orin O’Conghaile (Luttrellstown CC) 25:40; 3 James Murray (Dundalk Grammar School) 27:22.  1st Yr Boys, 2.2k – 1 Oscar Rowe (Newpark Comprehensive School) 14:24; 2 Niall Flanagan (Dundalk Grammar School) 18:30; 3 Patrick Monaghan (Wilson’s Hospital School) 19:29.  Girls:  5th/6th Yr Girls (A), 3.1k – 1 Emily Rowe (Newpark Comprehensive School) 20:41; 2 Ciara Simm (Ashfield College) 25:45; 3 Clemence Lebas (Wilson’s Hospital School) 34:27.  TY Girls (A), 3.1k – 1 Katharina Ramming (Wilson’s Hospital School) 28:54; 2 Sarah Logan (Dundalk Grammar School) 43:35; 3 Laura Cosgrave (Dundalk Grammar School) 64:43.  2nd/3rd Yr Girls (A), 2.7k – 1 Maud Green (Dundalk Grammar School) 22:58; 2 Roy Xu (Dundalk Grammar School) 26:14; 3 Alice Nestor (Newpark Comprehensive School) 27:46.  1st Yr Girls, 2.1k – 1 Victoria Ogunleye (Wilson’s Hospital School) 20:13} 2 Ava Buttner (Castleknock CC) 22:48; 3 Doireann Carey & Jessica Kieblesz (Luttrellstown CC) 26:30.  Beginners, 2.0k – 1 Emily Murray & Hayley Anderson (Wilson’s Hospital School) 44:24.

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The next Leinster schools orienteering event is:   

Leinster Schools League 2019-2020  –  Primary   :    Tymon Park   :   5 February 2020


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