Dear Parents,

Please find some very important medical and insurance information which was sent to us by Topflight for Schools regarding the London trip for 2nd year students.

The London trip 2019 IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL TRAVELLERS 2019_2020pdf and the London Trip 2019 Worldwide Insurance Policy 2019_2020 PDF must be read by the parent/guardian of each student travelling on the trip. 

Please be aware that it is possible to avoid paying an excess on your Insurance Policy by obtaining an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in advance of travel.

An EHIC card is a card issued to a citizen of a country when travelling abroad to cover emergency medical assistance/procedures in the country in which they are staying.

When travelling to countries which are part of the EU, by presenting an EHIC card where applicable, insurance policy excess will not be payable if medical fees are reduced accordingly. This applies for public hospitals only as the EHIC is not accepted unless it is a state facility.

All citizens of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom are entitled to an EHIC and also foreign nationals who have been resident in Ireland for one year or more.

We recommend that each student has a photocopy of their passport and their EHIC card in the pocket of their ski jacket and we would advise ensuring that they are in possession of this each day. Lift pass in one pocket and copy of passport and EHIC in the other.

It is very helpful to have this information to hand, should an unexpected event occur.

Any questions just let me know.


Kind regards,
Ms. O’Reilly


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