VEX ROBOTICS Competition

A collaboration took place between DGS, St. Mary’s College and St. Vincent’s Secondary School when they formed an alliance during the VEX Robotics Competition Turning Point: 2018-2019 VRC Competition which was held in DkIT_ie recently.

Congratulations to Cillian and Dominik (3rd Year Boarding Students) from Dundalk Grammar School who competed in the Vex Robotics Competition in DkIT and collaborated with St. Mary’s College & St. Vincent’s Secondary School Transition Year students in different rounds.

Team DC were awarded 6th place in the competition and our students hope to take part when they are in Transition Year in the next Academic Year 2019-2020.

Congratulations to St. Vincent’s Secondary School TY’s team who won the design award at the @VEXRobotics competition in @DkIT_ie . Well done to Kerrie, Aoife, Yasmine and Emily on all your hard work!

Congratulations also to St. Mary’s College TY students Sean, Dennis and Benas & their TY counterparts in @OLSSBlayney on winning the @VEXRobotics competition in DKIT.

Thank you Shane d’Arcy, Philip Scanlon and for this excellent initiative.

A great experience was had by all who attended the VEX ROBOTICS EDR event in DkIT.

Find out more about the event here and about the next VEX Robotics Competition 2019-2020 here.


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