Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, meets 5th Year Economics Class

Paddy Malone, PRO Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, visited the School on Tuesday Feb 27th to meet and speak to the 5th Year Economics Class.

Paddy gave an upbeat and positive assessment of Dundalk and it’s economic potential, while acknowledging the dangers posed by Brexit particularly to a border town like Dundalk. 

In a wide ranging presentation to the students, Paddy spoke about the new Development Plan for Ireland going forward to 2040, and it’s implications for Dundalk.

He referenced the industrial history of the town, and it’s current business and commercial development. His assessment of the opportunities going forward for Dundalk was positive.

He also spoke about Dundalk Football Club and his family’s involvement, with his father having served as Chairman of the Club for many years. 

Paddy’s passion for Dundalk and his role in promoting the town shone through. His presentation was an uplifting and interesting insight in to the local economy, and most beneficial for the students to have been the recipients of.

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