DKIT Computing Summer Camps for 2017

Dundalk Institute of Technology is delighted to announce our Computing Summer Camps for 2017!

This year we will be running 8 camps from the 3rd of July to the 4th of August (Please see details below, these details can also be found on the summer-camp website )

All camps will run from 10am to 4pm each day in the PJ Carroll Building. There are different types of camps, taking into account the different experience of the participants and different depth to which subjects are covered.

  • The “ReBOOT” Camp (the original) is for 11-14 year old beginners with an interest in Computing, but very little experience. We cover an Introduction to Programming, Web Development, Games Development and Robotics. (Camp#1 (Girls First) 3-5 July, Camp#2 5-7 July, Fee: €40)
  • The “BOOTed” Camp is a step up from the “ReBOOT”, good if you return for a second year or have been to Coderdojo. It covers similar topics, but builds on previous experience. The “ReBOOT” and the “BOOTed” Camps are three day camps. (Camp#3 (Girls First) 10-12 July, Camp#4 12-14 July, Fee: €40)
  • The “ReBOOT Comp-Sci” Camp is a three day project camp for 15-17 year olds. It requires some experience and introduces the participants to a whole new world of thinking. This year we will develop an autonomous weather station. At the end you take all the parts back home. You will have fun over the rest of your holidays! (Camp#5 (Girls First) 17-19 July, Camp#6 19-21 July, Fee: €80)
  • The “Advanced Comp-Sci” Camp is a five day project camp for 15-17 year olds. It doesn’t require experience, but commitment. At the end you go home with a fully functioning system, and enough ideas to keep you going for the next year – maybe even for a Young Scientist project. (Camp#7 24-28 July, Fee: €100)

Please note: the fee for the project camps covers a small computer and all the parts required for the weather station. You take these parts home.

We will run an additional a project camp for grown-ups (Camp#8 31 July-4th August, Adults only)  So if you want to understand what your kids are doing, or if you are pondering to study Computing as a mature student (or even to change career and you can take a week off), this camp is for you. We take you for a deep dive to test if Computing is the right thing for you!

Each camp is limited to 20 places. Please note that some camps will offer places to girls first. Places can be booked at our summer-camp website  Please book your preferred choice, but add a comment if other camps would be an option for you. This will allow us to balance the places.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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