From DGS to Tanzania!

Konrad Lang, originally from German, boarded in Dundalk Grammar School and completed his Leaving Certificate in June 2014 – obtaining 6A1s in Higher Level subject – a perfect 625 points!

Konrad updated us on his plans to spend a year on voluntary work before commencing his medical studies in Germany.

“I have decided to take a year out and volunteer in Tanzania, Africa.   I would like to get to know Africa and its people and so I decided to apply for a voluntary service for the German organization, “Help for the Massai” in Tanzania.  This Christian organization was founded 17 years ago and is run by a German nurse called Angelika Wohlenberg.  It supports various community developmental projects, educational activities, relief work and Christian missionary outreaches in Northern Tanzania.  The aim of the project is to provide a good education to Massai children so they can decide themselves about their futures and help their fellow Massai and their country.

I will be helping at a primary school in Malambo with one or two other volunteers.  This school is situated in the Serengeti.  As the school is located in the Massai area, parents don’t have to send their children far away from home to get an education.  I will be working as a janitor or PE teacher carrying out small tasks to support the teachers.  Maybe I can work at one of the medical wards of the organization as well because I want to become a doctor.

I’m leaving for Tanzania on the 28th August and will be there for 5 months.  In February I will start to work at a hospital in Germany and then start college in September, 2015. “

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