DGS Coding Academy

Coding classes in Dundalk Grammar School started in January 2016 as a response to student interest in learning how to use a computer programming language.  The classes are open to all DGS students between the ages of 12 to 18 years.  DGS students have been asked to prepare for the classes by watching a YouTube video.

Tutors (Shane, Radoslaw, Gwion and Tu) from Dundalk Institute of Technology have explained what will be covered over the remainder of this academic year (every Wednesday afternoon in H51 from 3pm to 4pm).  The Coding Academy will provide students with an introduction to coding in Construct 2 (for Games Development and Visual Coding) as well as Javascript, HTML and CSS (for Web Development).

Dundalk Grammar School would like to thank DKIT, particularly Dr Christian Horn, Dr Ronan Lynch, and other faculty members and students from the Department of Computing and Mathematics for their support. As Shane Gavin, a 4th Year DKIT student said at a whole school assembly in DGS recently “Experts predict 1.4 million jobs in computing by the year 2020 with an estimate of only 400,000 computer graduates available. Consequently there may be one million more computing jobs available than people to fill these jobs!”.

DGS has also been selected by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to take part in the Raspberry Pi Weather Station project which is being launched worldwide this year. Future projects will provide students with the skill set to setup and program/code the Raspberry Pi credit card size computer and Sphero robots.


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