Confirmation (Church of Ireland)

Preparation for Church of Ireland confirmation will commence in January 2015.  The Confirmation service itself will take place during the summer term in St. Nicholas’ Church in Dundalk (the date when known will be published in the school calendar on the school website).

There will be ten, one hour classes, held in the school on Tuesday evenings at 6pm (commencing Tuesday 13th January).  The classes will be conducted by Captain Geoffrey Walmsley (Lay Pastor in charge of Dundalk), the Rev’d Michael Graham (Rector of Drogheda), the Rev’d Joyce Moore (Assistant Minister, Drogheda Union) and Ian Moore (DGS School Chaplain).

Ideally, those intending to be confirmed should be aged twelve or over; they should have a record of regular Church/Sunday school attendance (we are aware of difficulties in smaller parishes) and their decision to be confirmed should be their own.  Names of those intending to be confirmed may be left in the school office.  (For administration purposes the attached form should be completed and returned to the school office for the attention of Mr Ian Moore (School Chaplain).

Download form for Confirmation Classes 2015

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