SRC visit Leinster House

Senator (and former DGS parent) Mary Moran invited the Student Representative Council to Leinster House for a tour this month (May 2012).   DGS SRC Chairperson, Ronan O’Hagan, helped to organise the students. 

We were allowed to view a short government debate regarding ‘dormant accounts’.    Then, after a tour around the Dail buildings in which we heard a lot about the history, we had a meeting with Senator Moran.

Despite seeing people like Senator Norris, the Speaker of the house and several RTE news correspondents, the sighting of the day was Jedward who we passed on Grafton Street on the way to the tour!

The SRC students involved were from 1st, 3rd, 5th & 6th years and included,
Jack Hand- 1st
Jack McDonald – 1st
Conor Caplis – 1st
Liam Haughey – 3rd
Craig McHugh – 3rd
Erin Maguire – 3rd
Anna Honer – 3rd
Daniel Ndiyo – 3rd
Andrew Shanks – 5th
Ronan O’Hagan – 5th
Ferdia Hayes – 5th
Ciara Thornton – 6th
Maev Moran – 6th
Ms. Hodson
Mr. Murphy

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