Minding Ourselves

Minding Ourselves & Harnessing the Power Within: a presentation to 6th Year students by Shane Martin, Psychologist.

In recent years the school has organised a day of reflection for our 6th years students.  We feel that given the busy and sometimes stressful nature of this final year, and following on from the mock examinations, it is hugely beneficial to give students some space to pause and reflect on how they are coping with all of life’s demands.

This year on Monday 27th February we were delighted to welcome Shane Martin, Psychologist and founder of Moodwatchers, to speak to our students. In his presentation Shane highlighted the positive within each individual and the capacity for all of us to overcome difficulties in our personal lives.  Themes covered in this inspiring talk included: managing stress; the importance of reaching out to others; demonstrating compassion; investing in humour; hopefulness; the role of exercise in promoting health and well-being; and investing in the spiritual-self.

A copy of Shane’s presentation is available by clicking on the link below.

Download Shane Martin Talk

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