PTA AGM MINUTES – 25th September 2019


PRESENT –  Jonathan Graham (headmaster), Rory McKeague (deputy), Lorna  Kane, Ciara Liffey, Roseangela Matthews, Martin Betz, Georgina Bell-Dunne, Aoife Lynch, Philomena Gilmore, Karen Campbell, Catherine McGinley, Sean Bell-Dunne, Rachael Watters, Andrea Phillips, Harriet Andrews, Mandy Dowdall, Trish McKeague, Cynthia Iso-Idemudi, Ann Bellew, David McCloskey 

APOLOGIES – Liz O’Reilly, Philip Keegan 

The meeting was opened with a welcome address from the chairperson, Lorna Kane.  She then introduced  the guest speasker, Samantha Teather, who runs Information and Education Programmes for young people from primary to secondary school.  Ms Teather gave a very interesting talk covering her work and having a discussion with the parents about a variety of subjects including drugs culture and parent/teen relationships.     

PREVIOUS MINUTES –  The minutes from last year  were handed to all in attendance and were agreed to be accurate 

CORRESPONDENCE – There was no correspondence  


HEADMASTER’S REPORT Mr Graham welcomed everyone to  the meeting and emphasized the importance of the PTA to the school.  He also spoke about the activities of the school in the  past year.   These included the development of a Wellbeing Programme and how a new orienteering system had been bought for the school to allow professional training.    

CHAIRPERSON –  Lorna Kane also stressed the importance of the PTA to the school.  She pointed out that students whose parents are involved with the PTA have better outcomes.   That the PTA is more than fundraising.   This year it was actively involved with not only the Student Council, but also the Green Schools initiative providing support and encouragement to those involved.  She urged that everyone should get involved and although the places on the committee itself were limited, all help, advise and support from parents would be much appreciated.   

SECRETARY’S REPORT Unfortunately Liz O’Reilly, the secretary was unable to attend.  In her absence her report was read out.  In it, she stated that there had been seven meetings including the AGM in the past year.  The main focus of the year being the Cookery Book, which necessitated a number of sub-committee  meetings.    The PTA was also involved in the Open Day and Christmas Trade Fair and had a stand at Culture Day with sample recipes from the upcoming Cookery Book.  The PTA held their annual Table Quiz and helped with the tidy-up and planting prior to the Green Flag inspection which resulted in the school being awarded the Green Flag.  The annual uniform sale was extended this year to include an evening as well as the usual morning session at the request of some parents.  This was a great success and it is hoped to do the same  next year.   

TREASURER’S REPORT   Unfortunately the Treasurer, Rosemary Matthews was unable to attend but the financial report was handed  out to everyone present.  The account stands at 10,435.23 in credit up from 9,022.08 at the beginning of the year.   This was due to sponsorship for the upcoming cookery book together with the table quiz and uniform sale.   The PTA also contributed prizes for the Student Council Talent Show and Irish Scholarship.    

COMPASS REPORT – Our COMPASS representative, Ciara Liffey stated that she was awaiting confirmation of the COMPASS AGM which she hoped to attend.  The date would be circulated to all parents who were welcome to attend also.   


The term of office of the parent representatives on the Board of Management had expired and representatives had now to  be elected at the AGM.    Philomena Gilmore and Martin Betz were proposed by Lorna Kane and seconded by Rachel Watters.    

There were three vacancies on the PTA this year.  Lorna thanked the outgoing members.   

Harriet Andrews and Ann Bellew were nominated by Lorna and seconded by Karen Campbell.   As there were no other nominations the third position was left vacant.   However it was subsequently filled by Mandy Dowdall with the agreement of the Committee. 

FUNDRAISING – The main focus will be the sale of the Cookery Book which has now gone to print.   This will involve organizing events and taking part in Open Day and  Christmas Craft Fair etc.  to sell it.   

The meeting was then closed by Lorna at 9 pm with thanks to all who attended.   


DGS PTA Committee members 2019 2020  

 Philomena Gilmore, Cynthia Iso Idemuda, Lorna Kane, Catherine McGinley, Ciara Liffey, Karen Campbell, Martin Betz, Mandy Dowdall, Harriett Andrews, Georgina Bell-Dunne, Aoife Lynch, Ann Bellew