Explanation of proposed PTA Constitutional Amendments for AGM – 14th October 2020



We have proposed some amendments to the existing Constitution of the Dundalk Grammar School Parent Teacher Association to make it easier to try to make the Committee of the Association as inclusive and fully representative as possible.  For that reason we propose adjusting the maximum total number of Committee members from 18 to 22.  This number always includes both the Headmaster and Deputy so this change will really mean that the total number of parent or teacher members can increase from 16 to 20.  Our objective is that within that total, there will be a representative of parents from each year group and from both day and boarding students.  With all that we have learned about the use of Zoom and similar technology this year, we hope that parents of boarding students in particular will feel that it is possible to be involved, even if it is not always easy for them to attend physically at meetings.

We also hope to reduce the required notice for the holding of an AGM from four weeks to two, to make it easier to arrange AGM’s without having to give notice to parents and teachers before the summer holidays if an AGM is to take place in September.  September is the month in the school calendar which seems to be most suitable.  This gives new parents a chance to attend and perhaps meet other parents early in the year and allows us to complete the round-up of the previous year’s events before the current school year gets too busy.

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