Transition Year Introduction

Transition Year (TY) is a one-year school based programme between Junior and Senior Cycle.

It is designed to act as a bridge between the two, facilitating smooth transition from the more dependent learning of Junior Cycle to the more independent self-directed learning required for Senior Cycle.

The Transition Year programme at Dundalk Grammar School, first introduced back in September 1991, has developed over the years to meet the changing needs of our students, as well as incorporating the latest teaching methodologies. Our overall objective is to promote the personal, social, educational, and vocational development of students, and prepare them for their future role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.

The booklet is designed to give both students and parents an overview of our programme. It details the information on the Transition Year Curriculum, modes of assessment and the supportive role that parents can play in helping their son/daughter to maximise the numerous opportunities that the year offers.

If there are any specific questions regarding any aspect of the Transition Year programme, please do not hesitate in contacting the Coordinator or any member of the Transition Year Core Group at the school.


Headmaster – Mr Jonathan Graham 

Deputy Principal – Mr Enda Murphy 

Year Head – Mr Declan Hynes 

TY Coordinator – Ms Sharon Brown ([email protected]

Career Guidance – Mr Alan Norton ([email protected])


  • Education for maturity, with an emphasis on social awareness and increased social competence.
  • Education through experience of adult and working life as a basis for personal development and maturity. 
  • Promotion of general, technical and academic skills, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and self-directed learning.

Find out more about Transition Year by reading the TY Information Booklet 2023-2024 and watching the video below.