Project Piglet Diary Week 2

This week was a good week.

After a short explanation of how a four-stroke engine and carburettor work, we got to work.

Our team removed the mirrors. One mirror is functional but very corroded and will need to be replaced.

They also removed the air filter from the air box under the seat, expecting to find a sponge air filter that would need cleaned.

However, the old air filter had mostly turned to powder with age, with only a few scraps remaining and so leaving the airbox filled with powder and a few dead moths.

A new filter will be ordered.

The seat was also removed.

It can be seen from the pictures that the seat will need recovered due to the large split in the front.,

Taking off the seat allowed access to the two bolts holding the petrol tank in place and once these were removed,and the fuel line disconnected, the tank was also taken off.

The tank will have the paint stripped and be repainted.

The petcock also needs to be investigated.

While the tap initially turned it is now stuck.

Next week we aim to change the oil and oil filter and also change and test the spark plug to see if there is a spark when the engine turns over.

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