Project Piglet Diary Week 1

The aim of Project Pigletis is to take a 1982 Suzuki GS 125 and return it to the road.

The bike has been sleeping for many years.

The tyres for example were last replaced in 1999, to give an idea of how long it has been off the road. Some pieces are missingand will be replaced, someparts will be updated, refreshed or repaired.

The end goal is to have it pass its NCT.During the course of the renovation, students will gain hands on experience of using tools, learning how an engine and all the other parts work, and how to diagnose and resolve problems.

Week one 28/09/22This week sees the first piece of work done to the bike with the addition of the kickstartlever.

After a brief introduction to the bike, the team swung into action and the lever is now bolted firmly on.

This allowed us to test the engine to ensure it hadn’t seized during its long sleep.


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