2nd Year Parent Teacher Meeting Online Booking

Hello Parents/Guardians,

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and for Health and Safety reasons, we have decided to hold the 2nd Year Parent Teacher Meeting online.

As teachers may teach more than one subject, we have to limit the duration of the meetings.

Click on the image, at the bottom of this page, to book a time with a teacher for the 2nd Year Parent Teacher Meeting on Thursday 3rd March, 2022 from 16:15 – 18:45* (*some teachers may start earlier).

Please note that Bookings can be made up to 24 hours prior to
the Parent Teacher Meeting i.e. up to Wednesday 2nd March at 16:15.


Please select the following;

  1. Subject Department (Required)
  2. Date: 3rd March, 2022 (Automatically set)
  3. Staff – Choose Subject Teacher name from drop down list (Required)
  4. Choose an available time slot to speak to the teacher (5 minutes per Microsoft Teams meeting).
  5. Add your details i.e. Your Full Name (Required), Telephone Number (Required) and any Notes (Optional)
  6. Provide additional information (Student Full Name and Class Colour Required)
  7. Book your appointment up to 24 hours prior to the Parent Teacher Meeting.
N.B. If you wish to omit text from an “Optional” field,
please click outside it or enter “N/A”, to proceed to the next field.


You will receive an email confirmation and a Microsoft Teams link which will allow you to speak to the teacher online on Thursday 3rd March, 2022 at the time you have booked for 5 minutes only. The link can be accessed on a device with Internet connection. Teachers who may need to speak to parents for a longer period of time will arrange with parents a convenient time to call them on another day.

On the day and time you have booked to meet with a teacher online please click on the “Join your appointment” link in the confirmation email you receive for the subject chosen.

You may need to download or install the free Microsoft Teams app on to the device you will use for the meeting. If you use the Microsoft Edge Internet browser, no software is required.

You will also receive a meeting reminder notice by email one day before the Parent Teacher Meeting and also 15 minutes prior to the meeting taking place.

On the day of the meeting we would appreciate your patience while waiting to speak to a subject teacher, as meetings may overrun, however, the teacher will call you as soon as they are available to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to complete your booking and we look forward to seeing and speaking to you online soon.

The online Bookings will go live on Tuesday at noon.

Click on the image below to make your subject(s) booking(s).


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