Eve McCrystal Paralympic Cycling Gold Medalist visits DGS

Eve McCrystal, double Paralympic Cycling Gold Medalist in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2021, and Road Cycling World Champion 2019, visited DGS on December 16 as guest of 3 Green CSPE class, in particular the invitee of Ronan, Cronan, Blake, Cillian and Michael as part of their Young Social Innovators Project on the Importance of Sport.
Eve McCrystal is an Irish Paralympic cyclist competing in tandem events for Ireland, as a sighted pilot for visually impaired cyclist Katie-George Dunlevy.
In a questions and answers session with the students of 3 Green, she talked about the feeling of winning her gold medals, her training, ups and downs along the way, her passion for cycling, women in sport, the importance of sport in her life, and the importance of sport and physical exercise for people’s well-being and mental health.
With the students articulate and informed in their level of questioning, it was an interesting, insightful and inspiring session.

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