Talent Show 2021

DGS Student Council Virtual Talent Show 2021 

The DGS talent show is a significant event that takes place every year. 

Due to the current circumstances, conducting a live talent show was beyond practical and therefore, we decided to utilize the virtual platform to organize this year’s talent show. 

Preparations for this event had commenced in mid-February while we were at home during lockdown.  From that moment the Student Council had several Teams meetings to organize and decide on various element of the virtual talent show.  In late March, a letter was sent out to all students informing them about this exciting event.   

After a few weeks, when we were all back in school, the judging process took place with the entries that was received. 

We thank the judges who were Ms. Verdes, Ms. McGuire and Ms. Magee for their time and contributions.  We would also like to thank Ms. O’Reilly for supporting us with this event.  After the judging process, the virtual talent show was composed and played in school. 

Congratulations to Aisling McQuillan, Ronan O’Reilly, Spencer Kuria, Louis Goodman and Talitha Matthews for receiving a prize for their excellent contribution.  We would like to thank the Parent Teachers Association for supporting and sponsoring this event.   

This year’s talent show was not the usual, but we are glad to have worked with a fantastic team and produce a new kind of show within the limits.  It was a new experience for us and we thank everyone for their support in producing this event in a different and creative manner. 


Overall Winner: Aisling McQuillan 

Original Composition Awards: Ronan O’Reilly and Spencer Kuria 

Award for Innovation: Louis Goodman 

Highly Commended: Talitha Matthews 


DGS Student Council Virtual Talent Show 2021

Celebrate your Talent!

Dear Fellow Student,

I hope you are keeping safe and well.

The Student Council Talent Show is a significant event that takes place in March every year.

With the lockdown in place and everyone at home, a physical talent show is beyond the limits. Therefore, we are taking on the virtual platform to conduct this year’s talent show. For this event, you will be given the opportunity to showcase your talents (song, dance, mono-act, comedy etc.) through a short video clip taken on your smart devices, and then to submit your entries via email.

Every year, the Talent Show raises money for a chosen charity by selling tickets. As this is not possible this year, we are hoping to have a facility where students and parents can donate to our chosen charity via online means. A charity will be selected and you will be contacted soon by email with further instructions on making a donation.

Please note the following instructions that are outlined to conduct this event smoothly, and for you to have a safe and fair experience.

· Maximum duration for the video clip is 3 minutes.

· Videos should be taken with an appropriate background and location. (Videos should not be taken in bedrooms).

· Please try to produce the video with good lighting.

· Videos should not be edited to change or alter its actual content.

· Interested students may collaborate for a group submission using Zoom or Teams.

· All collaborations must be done strictly adhering to Covid-19 regulations.

· All submissions must be submitted to [email protected].

· The deadline for all submissions is the 4th of April 2021.

· All competition entries will be assessed by a panel of judges, and short-listed entries will be notified via email. Short-listed entries will be combined to form the virtual talent show, and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards.

Every submission has the potential of being shortlisted.

Therefore, we need your permission to use your video for the virtual talent show, which will be shown on social media platforms eg. the school website. Please fill in the permission form if you agree to let us use your video for the purposes of this event. Permission forms should be attached to your email when you submit your video entry.

We hope this event brings you some fun during lockdown. If you have any queries, please email at [email protected]. We wish you the very best, and we’ll keep you updated on this event.

Your sincerely,

Ashik Prasad         Max McCaldin        Isabelle Janssen

Chairperson          Vice Chairperson    Secretary
Student Council    Student Council      Student Council


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