Wellness Wednesday – Apart but Together – THE RESULTS!!

Hi All,
Wednesday was a very special day, we got to see so many of our wonderful students with smiles on their faces working together and bringing life and animation to the school albeit from afar. 

We are absolutely blown away by the response you all made to the challenges we set you during Wellness Wednesday. We encourage you all to stay active, keep well and connect with your friends and classmates as much as possible. 

Thank you very much for your participation and thanks also to your Form Teachers for keeping you all on track.
Bonus Points
The efforts of certain students drew particular attention from the judges and as a result their form classes were awarded bonus points, a special well done goes to:
  • Melissa Akalonu
  • Maud Green
  • Alva Meally
  • Abigail Walsh
  • Bobbie Gamble
  • Laura Cosgrove
  • Diarmuid MacShane
Each student will receive a free Friday lunch from the school canteen
Highest in their year groups
Such was the level of commitment and participation we have decided to also award the Form Classes that scored the highest within their year group.
  • 2 White 
  • 3 White 
  • 4 Red
  • 5 White
  • 6 White
Students from each form class will receive a free Friday lunch from the school canteen.
Overall Winning Form Class
  • 1 Green with 1980 points
Students from 1 Green will be provided with pizza for a lunch form party.

Apart – But Together

We have also attached a link from some members of staff that you might enjoy.

A special thanks to the following:

  • Mr Farrar for writing
  • Mr Moore for mixing the audio and video
  • Ms McGee for her superb banjo track
  • Ms A McGuire for help with project coordination
  • And for so many of our staff for contributing

Any form class that wants to attempt their own DGS themed sea shanty please feel free, the challenge and standard has been set!! 
In the meantime, have a rest and keep safe.
Kind regards,
Mr Graham      and       Mr Murphy
Headmaster                   Deputy Principal

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