DGS Teacher Sea Shanty – ‘Soon May the Covid Go’

Click on the video below to play the DGS Sea Shanty … ‘Soon May The Covid Go’


Verse 1
Once was a school called
It’s great, not just under duress. 
We don’t need bells to tell us when Our class is over— Go! 


Soon, may the covid go and 
Back to the crescent we will row.  
Thunder and the lightening, drifts of snow 
Just grab your books and go. 


Verse 2 
We went back to school in Autumn,
Boarding house mouse but we caught him.
Masks and rules we hated but Chip Friday, mmm mmm mmm. 


Verse 3 
Third wave, lockdown, after Christmas,  
Ok to admit you‘ve missed us. 
Teams and OneDrive, OneNote and Edmodo
No No NO! 


Verse 4 
I can’t hear, it’s my connection. 
We’ve all answered different sections 
iPad’s broken, laptop’s frozen 
Our hair’s in a mess. 


Verse 5 
Where’s the bake sale when you need one, 
Even assembly seems like fun. 
Boredom sets in, get your steps in,  
We’ve all put on weight. 


Verse 6 
Don’t lose heart me hearties, 
When the covid’s done we’ll have some smarties.  
I like minstrels you like smarties 
What a terrible line.  


Verse 7 
Check in on each other, you’re all  
DGS’s sisters, brothers. 
We’ve all rediscovered 
There’s no others like you all.


Enjoy the mid-term break and Stay Safe.


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