TFW Smartcard Cashless Catering

TFW Food Services Cashless Catering for Schools:

  • Parents no more looking for cash in the mornings.
  • No cash value cards, eliminates possibility of bullying.
  • Parents satisfaction is eating healthy and not using money in local fast food outlets or shops.
  • TopUp reminder when an account has reached a certain balance, no hungry students.
  • All government scheme meals are easily monitored and accounted making auditing simple. Access to weekly menu and allergen content.
  • Online account for parents as Guardian card holders.


Click  TFW-DGS CASHLESS to find out more about the
TFW Cashless Catering system in Dundalk Grammar School.

Check out the TFW Food Services  weekly menu here and view their website.

TFW Smartcard | Cashless Catering started in DGS on Wednesday 7th November, 2018.


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