We’re currently living through unprecedented times that will be in the history books in the future.

So to reflect this, Dundalk Grammar School PTA have a project to fill some of your time during the long Summer holidays ahead.

We want you to put together items that reflect the pandemic and the situation we find ourselves in to be put into a time capsule. Then when we return to school, hopefully in September, we will have a burial ceremony in the school.

It’s planned that the box would remain buried for 10-15 years when everyone who contributes items would be invited back to join with the school community to dig the box up and reminisce on this time we’ve lived through.

As a guide, the PTA have put together suggestions of items that could be put in the time capsule. But any items that you think reflect your experience of lockdown are very welcome.

The PTA look forward to receiving your items when we return to school and in the meantime, wish you all a very happy and safe summer break.


· Write a letter to yourself with your hopes and dreams for the future.

· A packet from your favourite snack. It may not exist in the future!

· A photo/artwork (or photocopy) which represents the lockdown time.

· A poem/essay about what’s happening during Covid-19 lockdown or how you’re feeling and how you think it will change things in the future.

· A page all about you – your age, height, hair colour, eye colour, list of your favourite things – music, films, TV programmes, pets, etc.

· Your famous person crush.

· Top ten songs

· Top ten movies

· The buzz word of the moment and what it means.

· Favourite means of communication during lockdown. i.e. Snapchat, Facetime, Zoom etc.

· The top games of the moment.

· The top gadgets during lockdown.

· A small object that reminds you of this time.

· A newspaper headline or article.

· A coin from this year. You never know it may be a collector’s piece in the future!

· What you think the world will be like after the pandemic is over.

· A letter or message from your parents telling how they’ve coped during lockdown and their hopes for your future.

· How about recording a message to yourself either on video or audio?


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