Across the country, children are coming to a new realisation that heroes come in many forms and that many of them in fact are in their own homes. In the face of the Global COVID-19 pandemic, these heroes are their parents, cousins, neighbours and friends who are spending long hours day and night, fighting to ensure that this virus is controlled and lives are protected.

IPPN, INTO, NAPD, ASTI and TUI are proposing that as a show of support for those workers and volunteers on front lines at this critical time, all children who have a flag in their county or club colours, or whatever team they follow across any code, would hang that flag from their gate posts, windows, or wherever they would normally place a flag when supporting their county club or team ahead of an important match.

While sports events at the moment are currently postponed, such a show of solidarity from the children of the country towards those on the front line will demonstrate our gratitude for their marvellous dedication to their critical work at this extraordinary time. Hanging out the flags will also provide colour to lift everybody at a time when people are psychologically feeling the effects of this terrible pandemic. If a family doesn’t have a flag to hand, we suggest that the children draw or design a new flag and put it in a front window as a show of appreciation.

We are asking all education agencies and sports organisations to support the initiative and to use their communication platforms to share this information with members and their families.

If using social media, you will doubtless see the graphic advertising this initiative. Please share and tag as many as possible so that everyone in Ireland is soon aware of it. Using #Flags4Frontline in your tweets will help to spread the message. We are asking schools, when communicating with their parents, to ask them to hang out a flag with their children in honour of those working currently on the Frontline to save lives.

We hope that in the coming days, with your help, every road, street , lane , avenue, estate and apartment complex will be festooned with colour to honour our Heroes- our families neighbours and friends in the Frontline services.

Keep Safe


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