Israel Young Ambassadors Visit DGS

33 Young Ambassadors from Israel, with their mentors, visited DGS on Tuesday May 7th for a cross-cultural interactive exchange with 5th Year students.

Both sets of students interacted very well. On arrival, the visitors were treated to some food. Then they were taken on tours of the school.

This was followed by more formal welcomes, with speeches by Muirinn and Cal on Irish history, and a speech by Dean on the Irish political system, comparing and contrasting with Israel.

Four of the Israeli students gave a presentation on their Ambassadors Programme, and on their country, in reply.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in interactive activity and discussion between both sets of students.

The day concluded with words from Mr Graham, and from the mentors accompanying the visiting students, before both sets of students posed outside for photos.

All agreed that the day had been a success, where the students from both countries had taken ownership of it, and very much interacted with each other, learning much about each other’s cultures.

The day was another off-shoot of the successful Celebration of Culture Day held in the school back in March.

See more photographs from the Israel Young Ambassadors Visit to DGS here.


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