Embassy of the Republic of Korea Visit

Bokyeong Kim, Third Secretary and Vice Consul, and Ashling, Diplomatic Researcher, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, visited the School on Monday January 21st to meet with the 5th Year Politics & Society Class, and the Celebration of Culture Day Organising Group.

The purpose of the visit was to develop a link with the school in advance of Culture Day, and to share Korean culture with the students.

The students took their guests on a tour of the School. The visitors then gave a talk to the 5th Year Politics & Society Class about Korean culture.

Following this, they sat down with the Culture Day Organising Group to discuss planning for the forthcoming Culture Day, and how their Embassy might support the Day.

All in all, a most worthwhile visit, making the students feel proud that their organising and planning for Culture Day had led to this visit taking place.

Celebration of Culture Day takes place in the School on Thursday March 14th.

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