Shell’s Driftwood visits 5th Year Business Class

Michelle Donnelly, Shell’s Driftwood, kindly gave her time to give a talk to the 5th Year Business Class on Wednesday November 14.

She spoke of her passion for making crafted products from recycled driftwood, which she has turned in to a profitable business.

Based in Carlingford, she spends time rummaging on the beach searching for driftwood, and she is proud of the fact that her business relies on recyclable materials which is positive for the environment.

She spoke of the benefits of running her own business, and for her, the benefits far outweigh any disadvantages of entrepreneurship and being your own boss.

She encouraged the students to go with their passion, and if that means setting up your own business, to go for it.

It was refreshing to have a speaker come in, and, in a world increasingly dominated by technology, talk about the joys of making crafted products.

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