Special Service of ‘Thanksgiving and Acknowledgement’ for our Emergency Services

A Special Service of ‘Thanksgiving and Acknowledgement’ for our Emergency Services will take place at The Green Church on Tuesday evening, April 17th at 7:30pm.

There are few subjects which will gain unanimous agreement more than that of our admiration and gratitude for the many dimensions of First Responders and Emergency Services. Particularly following the tragedy of Rescue Helicopter 116 and the recent bouts of exceptionally bad weather, we are evermore conscious of the wonderful, brave and outstandingly professional people who often put their lives at risk to assist others.

Even without such dramatic events, most people will have experienced the calm, reassuring services provided by Ambulance Paramedics, Fire Brigade and Garda Síochána crews if called to emergencies in our homes, places of work or road traffic accidents. Equally, the Doctors, Nurses and support staff of Hospital’s Accident & Emergency units, the repair and reconnection teams of our Electricity and Gas services, the Rescue services of the RNLI, the many services of the Local Authority and the occasional events which call on the assistance of the Red Cross, Dept. of Defence, Dundalk Sub Aqua Club and others.

However, while many emergencies and events are well publicised and high profile, many aren’t, and we should also reflect on the comfort and assistance which is quietly brought to many people every week of every year by fulltime professionals and part time volunteers across a wide range of front line Responders and Emergency Services.

To say a very special Thank You to all who serve our society in any such capacity, a “Songs of Praise” Thanksgiving service will be held in St Nicholas’ Parish Church (The Green Church) on Tuesday evening April 17th at 7:30pm, where the choir will be accompanied by guest organist and the Dundalk Brass Band.

For those representing the Emergency Services, please wear your uniform and attend as a representative group but please note that the service is open to all …we also need the people of Dundalk who are saying “Thank You”.


Further enquiries:  Rev Geoffrey Walmsley 087-4669806 / 042-9321402 

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