Green Schools Project

Members of the Green Schools Project Group visited V & W Recycling, the Dundalk Civic Amenity Facility, as part of their ongoing research and drive to regain the Green Flag for the School.

The students are determined that one of the An Taisce Green Schools Flags will be back flying over the school in the not too distant future.

However, to achieve this will require a whole school effort by staff and students.

While the students remain optimistic, they are aware of the challenges that lie ahead, and in particular the change in attitudes towards litter and recycling that is required. It is a slow process to get the message across, and to instil in people a behavioural change from binning as rubbish to binning to recycle.

They want to see more waste being diverted from the rubbish bin to the recycling bin.

The message being we all gain from recycling. Less rubbish in the skip reduces school refuse costs, freeing up more resources for more worthwhile causes, never mind the obvious environmental benefits.

With a little bit of thought, we can each make a positive difference. Think Green, Think Recycling!

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