DGS Careers Bulletin April 2018


This year a significant number of 6th year students, approximately 34, applied to colleges in the U.K.

Many students have already received conditional offers from Universities, while a small number still await the outcome, having presented for interview.

This year has also seen an increase in the number of U.K. students applying to University and this we feel has resulted in a squeeze on the number of places been offered to or students.

Going forward it will be interesting to see the impact that Brexit may potentially have on the fee structure for Irish and EU students.

The main question coming from our current fifth years is the possibility of the free fee scheme no longer operating for those applying to Scottish Universities.


Figures published last month by CAO detail a five percent decrease in applications for 2018 college entry. Much of this is due to fewer mature students returning to higher education as there are now job vacancies with the upturn in the economy. A small proportion of this overall decrease is attributed to the uptake of apprenticeship programmes. This year we have seen the ESB, Bus Eireann and the Air Corp launch National Apprenticeship Programmes.

A fall in overall application numbers is likely to have a direct impact on points requirements in some course areas. The sharpest drops in first preferences to date appear in areas including physical sciences and chemistry (-36 per cent), journalism and IT (-26 per cent) and arts (-13 per cent). In contrast applications to Primary Education Courses are up 8 per cent, while Secondary Education Degree Programmes show a 4 per cent increase. To see the full article visit https://www.irishtimes.com/news/education/cao-points-set-to-drop-as-applications- decline-1.3420405

Students are reminded that changes to their CAO course Choices can be made from 5th May to 1st July (5.15 p.m.)

5th Year Subject Choice 2018/19

Our current TY students are finalising decisions in relation to their subject options for Senior Cycle. Parents are reminded that the Subject Choice Information Evening takes place on Tuesday 17th April at 7 p.m. in the day pupil canteen. The following link on the Careers Portal website provides significant detail on all leaving certificate subjects. Visit https://careersportal.ie/school/lc_subject_choice.php#.WsIZqu-G_IU

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)

SUSI is the body responsible for processing and awarding college maintenance grants. Application to SUSI opened on 5th April and the closing date is 1st August 2018. Early application is advisable and for further details visit https://susi.ie/

Scholarship Programmes

As mentioned in last month’s Bulletin, a number of scholarship programmes are currently open for application. One such scholarship is the Naughton Scholarship Scheme which is open to any student intending to apply for an undergraduate degree programme in the areas of Engineering, Science or Technology. The closing date for applications is 14th May 2018. Visit https://www.thenaughtonfoundation.com/scholarships

Campus Accommodation in Maynooth & UCD 2018

Maynooth University will open its campus accommodation application system on Wednesday 2nd May at 12 noon. Students intending to apply to Maynooth should visit the website and familiarise themselves with the various accommodation types and ranger of prices prior to applying. Go to https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/accommodation/accommodation- campus/applications-overview/incoming-cao-students

UCD will open its on-line application system on Tuesday 8th May. For further details and specifics on its allocation policy visit https://www.ucd.ie/residences/how-to-book- a-room/first-year-students/

Open Days

EUNICAS – Dutch Universities presenting in Dublin – 12th April 2018

https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/dutch-gateways-to-employment-dublin-tickets- 43197606203

DCU Spring Open Day – 14th April 2018


Maynooth University – 28th April 2018

https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/study-maynooth/undergraduate-studies/open- days

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