Green School

Ashik, Sean, Michael, Chige and Spencer are determined that DGS will regain it’s Green Flag.

The 2nd Year Green Students are pursuing this objective as part of their CSPE Action Project entitled Green Schools.

Attending school situated in such a beautiful setting, the students want us all to become more aware of our natural surroundings, and to take personal responsibility for its upkeep.

Simple steps make a real difference. Use rubbish bins only for what they say.

Use the recycle bins for paper and plastic bottles. Think before depositing items in bins.

Empty your plastic bottles, and deposit in the appropriate bin.

A little bit of thought makes a big difference.

Keep your lockers tidy, respect the work of those who maintain and clean the school, and respect each classroom you enter.

Think and be aware of the impact you can have on your natural surroundings.

Think Green!

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