RTÉ Claire Byrne Live Show

Economics students were among the audience at the RTÉ Claire Byrne Live Show on Monday evening October 23rd, 2017.

An evening departure, a late return at 2.15am, 11 students of the 5th Year Economics class made the first visit of this academic year to Claire Byrne Live, broadcast live on RTÉ television on Monday evening October 23rd. A lively and varied Show, with a more younger audience than usual, covered a range of topics including tracker mortgages, sun beds, and wolf whistling.

In keeping with the encouragement the students in Economics class are given to debate and discuss key economic and political issues, the students enjoyed not only the debates, but also watching the production of a live television show unfold. The amiable host, Claire Byrne, personally welcomed the students, and posed with them for photos following the live transmission. 

Of course, no trip to RTE is ever complete without the post mid-night stop-off at Supermacs. Arriving back to the school past 2.00am only made the night seem different and even more special. Sorry to parents for getting you out of bed to collect your loved ones, but I’m sure you’ll agree, this is REAL education.


Click here to see the Claire Byrne Live Show on the RTÉ  Player

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