CSPE Class meets LSPCA

Fiona Squibb visited the School on Friday morning, October 14, to give a talk about her work to the students of 1 Green CSPE Class.

She was invited to talk to the class by Mia, Laura and Lila, who are basing their CSPE Action Project on Animal Welfare, and the work of the LSPCA.

Fiona’s visit coincided with the LSPCA Fund-raising Day in County Louth. Throughout the day, TY students, and the 3 girls, assisted with the flag day in Dundalk to raise much needed funds for the LSPCA.

Mia, Laura and Lila hope, through their Project, to raise awareness of Animal Welfare and the work of the LSPCA, and to raise funds for the organisation.

Fiona’s visit and talk was enjoyed by all the students.

Visits by representatives of other organisations is planned for upcoming weeks.

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