Science Club

Recently (January 2014) all DGS first year students visited the BT Young Scientist competition with their science teachers. 

The Science Club, which runs every Tuesday after school, is open to all pupils who have an interest in science and the natural world.

Before Christmas we did some short experiments that could be completed with meaningful results within the hour.

More recently, we are focusing on a much more detailed investigation – finding out which material(s) is most suitable for providing emergency sheltering in crisis situations.   So far we have discussed what factors are important for emergency sheltering and what material properties would be most suitable.

Over the next few months we will conduct many tests and build a better understanding of the materials and formulate a conclusion.

The Science Club provides an opportunity for DGS students to develop their ideas into projects for entry into competitions such as Scifest and BT Young Scientist.

(February 2014)

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