DGS Student is Top Programmer

Teofil Camarasu

Teofil Camarasu

Last summer Teofil Camarasu,who had just finished 5th Year in DGS, was the youngest member of a team of 4 who represented Ireland at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in Kazakhstan.

Recently (on Saturday 20th February) Teofil, now a 6th Year student, took part in the 2016 National Finals of the All-Ireland Programming Olympiad (AIPO) in Dublin City University.

As the AIPO website reports “there was much excitement in the foyer of the School of Computing at the National Finals of the All-Ireland Programming Olympiad among parents and siblings of the school going competitors. With the atmosphere fuelled by numerous teas, coffees, Fidelity cupcakes and sweet cart jellies, spectators witnessed three perfect scores in the final minutes of the 5 hour Algorithmic Programming Olympiad.

Teofil Camarasu, Leaving Cert student from Dundalk Grammar School, amazingly posted a perfect score on all problems after just 2.5 hours of the 5 hour competition. A very strong performance from the IOI2015 Team Ireland member and bodes well for his chances of making Team Ireland again this year for IOI2016 in Russia.”

The next stage of AIPO begins now with the training of the top eight Senior students from the Finals. The students will participate in weekly online AIPO competitions on various competitive programming subjects (Brute Force, Greedy Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, etc.) so that they are up to a level where they can compete at the prestigious International Olympiad in Informatics in Russia in August.

Dundalk Grammar School congratulates Toefil on what is rightly described as an “amazing” achievement.  We wish him continued success as he attempts to qualify once again for the team to represent Ireland at the IOI.   The team will consist of the best four students from an AIPO-IOI Selection Camp held in DCU in late June after the Leaving Cert.

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