Debating (October 2015)

Congratulations are due to Abigail Boylan and Akshara O’Sullivan, both of 4 Red, who stormed through their first round debate in Trinity College, Dublin last night (13th October 2015).

The girls were speaking as first proposition team on the motion, “This House Would Abolish Prisons for non-violent offenders”. Both girls were debating competitively for the first time and came away lauded, “strongest team in the debate”.

In a separate debate, “This House Would hold parents responsible for the actions of their children”, Olivia Winters (4W) and Daniel Molloy (4R) also represented the school with much aplomb, and it was the narrowest of margins which saw them defeated on the night.

There’s been a lot of interest in debating so far this year at our weekly Thursday meets (4-5pm in H29). We have more competitive debating in the pipeline and students from any year are encouraged to attend and find out more.

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