Ski Trip to Italy

On New Year’s morning of 2012 a group of DGS teachers and transition year students departed for Italy.  The trip began with an early bus journey to Belfast International airport to catch a 6.45am departure.  Although everyone showed signs of fatigue we were all so excited that it didn’t matter. 

At 11.00am local time, our flight touched down at Verona airport.  The weather was quite warm which was unusual for that particular time of year.  We got on a bus and drove approximately two and a half hours to San Valentino ski resort at Monte Baldo.

We went skiing everyday from 9-11am and 1-3pm. We also did various different activities throughout the week including visiting the local town of Rovereto as well as some shopping, swimming, ice-skating, slalom racing, and of course disco dancing!  We also had the opportunity to visit the city of Verona where we saw the amphitheatre, Romeo and Juliet’s Balcony and many fabulous shops.

The pupils felt it was a holiday of a lifetime as we all had an amazing time. This trip would not have been made possible without the hard work and effort Mr.Gregg put into organising the trip.  Many thanks must also go to the other teachers Mr. Keegan, Ms. Brown, and Ms. Verdes who also accompanied the trip.

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